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Recipes for Healthy Skin- Essential Face Packs

Every woman longs to maintain her healthy glowing skin. Here are some time-tested face packs that have helped millions reform their skin glow, with ingredients found in most household...

Health & Wellness


9 Reasons why Trampolining is the Best Form of Exercise for Women

Exercising everyday keeps us fit and healthy. But often an exercise regime comprising of walking, jogging or workouts in the the gym is a...

Life Management


The secret to achieving better work-life balance

(BPT) – If you’re feeling overworked and finding it a challenge to juggle the demands of your job and the rest of your life,...

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Five ways to save big money on your cellphone bill

(BPT) – Cellphone plans these days can top $100 or even $200 a month, once you include the cost of data. That’s a lot...



If You Want To Enjoy Dating at 40+… Here’s Hope!

A woman in her forties is blessed in more ways than one, since she has discovered who she is and is ready to benefit...

Weight Loss

scale with feet

The Quickest Way to Lose 5 Pounds

Most people believe that it’s not possible to lose weight quickly, so they end up not even trying. Others think that they need to...

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Improve your entire day with these easy breakfast ideas

(BPT) – Want to keep the weight off? It starts at the breakfast table. Seventy-eight percent of those who successfully maintain their weight loss...