Yacon Syrup: Is It Worth The Hype For Weight Loss?

A new herbal weight loss syrup is taking the world by a storm. It is being hailed as a game changer in the field of weight loss. The product, known as, Yacon Syrup claims to have incredible benefits. It claims to aid in rapid weight loss besides reducing the risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes. It is also believed to have a role in boosting your immune system. But does Yacon Syrup live up to its promise? Does it deliver to your expectations? Let’s have a look at it.

What is Yacon Syrup?

Yacon is a type of vegetable that grows mostly in the Andes mountains of South America. Yacon Syrup is a type of syrup which is obtained by extracting the tuberous root of the Yacon plant. Its nutritional benefits were well known among the ancient Incas, who used it for centuries. Just like we have obtained molasses from sugar-cane, we can get yacon syrup from the plant.
Being rich in fiber and low in calories, it fits the role of a diet substitute in obesity and diabetes. It can also be used as a substitute sweetener instead of sugar because it is sweet to taste while being low in calories.

How does Yacon Syrup work?

  • Yacon syrup contains fructooligosaccharide (FOS) instead of normal sugar. FOS is a complex sugar which is metabolized very slowly by the body. FOS constitutes about 40-50% of Yacon extract. As a result there is minimal absorption of glucose and hence minimal rise in insulin. Being rich in fiber and low in calories, yacon syrup prevents further obesity and lifestyle diseases.
  •  Yacon syrup also acts as a prebiotic that prevents growth of harmful bacteria by promoting good bacteria. These good bacteria feed on FOS and help in absorbing other vital nutrients.
  •  Yacon syrup can also directly prevent harmful cholesterol synthesis. Good bacteria in your intestine, known as intestinal flora, breakdown FOS into short-chain fatty acids that prevents excess cholesterol synthesis in the liver. Yacon syrup helps in increasing good cholesterol or HDL, while decreasing bad cholesterol or LDL.
  •  It can get rid of constipation because of its very nature.
  •  FOS is also linked with the creation of certain peptides, which regulate gastric emptying rates and thus help in controlling insulin release and hunger cravings. Hence, yacon syrup can suppress your hunger and appetite. This helps people eat less and thus contributes to rapid weight loss.

Why is it different from others?

Various studies have been conducted on the benefits of Yacon syrup over the last decade. The outcome of all the research has been very positive and encouraging. The results are available online for everyone to see. One such popular study was conducted by a reputed researcher. A group of obese women was given the yacon extract syrup and then followed up for four months. The results were very astonishing. The obese women lost around 33 pounds in under 4 months. Besides that their bad cholesterol levels decreased drastically. This research just showed the enormous potential of this yacon syrup. These kind of results are very rare even among numerous other herbs that claim to be helpful in weight loss.

Does it have side-effects?

As with all things in this world, too much of anything is bad. You should not overdo anything. Although no serious side-effects have been documented, it is better to be on the safer side and limit your intake as recommended. You may get cramps and diarrhea if you take it too much. So, Yacon syrup must be used judiciously and patiently.

How should you take it?

As with many herbal products, Yacon extracts are available in various dosage forms. It is available as syrup as well as pill form. For convenience purposes, Yacon syrup is recommended for all kinds of people. You can take 1-3 teaspoon of yacon syrup before or after any meal like any other syrup. You can also use it as a substitute sweetener instead of sugar in your daily tea or coffee. Diabetics can use it as a substitute sweetener in any kind of food. Besides, you can also mix yacon syrup with your favorite oatmeal, pancakes or even fruits.

Is Yacon syrup suitable for you?

Yacon syrup is a highly effective tool against weight gain and bad cholesterol. It helps in achieving rapid weight loss in a matter of weeks. If you use it judiciously without exceeding your limits, you can achieve your goals with minimal side effects. It boosts your immunity, lowers your cholesterol and relieves your constipation. Avoid Yacon syrup if you have diarrhea and similar medical problems. But, if you are obese, diabetic as well as constipated and searching desperately for a solution, this is the miracle syrup that can help you fulfil your dreams. Go for it and start a whole new journey!

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